Applied AI brings with it a paradigm shift in how we create 'digital platforms' and software products.

The advent of the internet and cloud computing has brought incredible power to businesses via data and applications (remember the days when your new desktop ran out of RAM after a few months?).

And in the past few years user experience and 'design thinking' has really come to the fore as simplicity has traded at a premium in the fight for user attention and conversion. This has been the era of 'user-centricity' for product developers, and mobile-first everything as the smartphone replaced the desktop for casual browsing.

As the impact of AI really begins to be felt in day to day businesses, product designers are now becoming acutely aware of the failures to accommodate or bear some level empathy for their data science colleagues. Companies are spending millions to clean their data and format it properly, before any fancy algorithms can be applied.

So what will make the difference to the longterm success of platforms and products is if we start designing them to be AI-first. In that way we already know what insight we are looking for and work backwards. This is at the heart of how we create new products.

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