If you do not know where you are going, that is probably where you will end up. Over a series of days we will bring you through a tried and tested process for developing strategy, whether the focus is on growth or turnaround, and with a commercial, funding, or product, focus. We take an interdisciplinary approach based on frameworks, experience, data and scenario analysis.

System Mapping

The goal of this workshop is to map out all of your business processes and systems with a view to either optimising, rearchitecting, digitising or automating some or all of your business in order to improve on customer experience, operational excellence and ROI. Workshops can be conducted onsite or offsite.

NASA Hackathon
In collaboration with NASA’s open source data initiative we have delivered a science focussed hackathon in Dublin in 2016 and 2017 with 60+ attendees from diverse nationalities and disciplines. This 2 day event emphasises team building and international collaboration to solve some of the World’s most pressing challenges including climate change and economic development.

Innovation 101

A quick search of the media, Google trends or LinkedIn feeds and profiles would lead us all to believe that we are living in very innovative times. Digital disruption is the hot phrase in most boardrooms, for both positive and negative reasons. This workshop lifts the hood on the jargon, key trends, and drivers of the Global innovation ecosystem, with real world examples that impact all roles and functions. From our perspective, innovation is a mindset that delivers tangible results.

The Job to be done Framework
Transform the way your business or organisation operates and designs new services and products. This user-centric framework redesigns and reimagines processes and interactions that can lead to better outcomes for internal and external stakeholders.

Systems Thinking 101
For aerospace engineers, ‘connected’ or joined up thinking is fundamental to successful delivery of projects that have high degrees of complexity, inter-dependency and uncertainty. Learn from experienced systems engineers about how tools and techniques can be applied in an intuitive and visual way to how your organisation operates and delivers projects with impact.

Digital Transformation 101
Sometimes it can be hard to see the wood from the trees when it comes to digital jargon. In this half or full day workshop we take key members of your team through a brief history of digital change, with real examples and case studies that relate to your industry and goals. Digital transformation can be as simple or complex as required, and additive or subtractive to organisational value. Best to understand the basics before soliciting services or making big changes.

Technology Procurement 101
Understand your options before you buy with clear, unbiased advice. Most businesses have more options than they may realise including: a) custom build b) off the shelf c) do nothing. We can walk you through a process for sourcing and assessing vendor options along with business and technology planning. This workshop will assist organisations in growth or turnaround.

B2B Marketing 101
Learn the basic techniques and tools for identifying, characterising and reaching your target market at scale. We have worked with agencies and freelancers and developed our own in-house capability across a portfolio of projects. This workshop is about practical case studies relevant to your business and is led by experienced founders of tech businesses.
Practical Leadership
Learn from entrepreneurs and corporate executives that have built and led teams through good times and bad. We de-emphasise theory and work through several case studies and exercises to test assumptions of style and approach.

The Moonshot Venture Challenge – Storytelling
This one day workshop takes a group of 20+ technical postgraduates through a curriculum that deemphasises ‘pitching investors’ and instead encourages the development of narratives that resonate and help with customer development, winning business and rallying a team around a novel idea. It was last delivered with a group of international graduates at the Marker Hotel, in the heart of Dublin’s multinational tech district.

The Future of Work
Flexible spaces, remote working, digital nomads, innovation hubs, BYOD. It seems like nobody wants to work in a regular office anymore and that productivity gains are simply a co-working membership away. But before you make any drastic changes and instruct a new fit-out, let’s run through a quick workshop so that the goals are clear and the outcomes achievable. We have experienced the best and worst of this new mantra and manage distributed, high performance teams.

User Research Sprint

Delivered over days or weeks we reach out to your target users together and conduct detailed surveys, interviews and other tactics for understanding the current state of a given ‘job’ or process.

Design Sprints

3 to 5 day workshop that takes an ‘idea’ and converts it into a digital prototype that we test with users to receive feedback. Prototypes can either be ‘horizontal’ ie. user interfaces, or vertical (ie. testing a process or sub-system. A key outcome is a thorough testing of design assumptions and biases.

Data Science 101
We ditch the jargon and run through several case studies relevant to your business and role. No technical knowledge required. Half or full day workshop, works best with diverse teams.

Sales Coaching
There is a big difference between marketing and sales, and between different styles of sales. Learn how to identify and develop sales talent with this one day workshop delivered by experienced technical sales managers that have led and built high performing sales teams.

Access Asia
This hands on Asian Business Coaching workshop assists European teams to develop a market access strategy in the Asian markets with an emphasis on B2B and Mandarin speaking countries.

Brexit: Crisis or Opportunity?
Scenario planning for Brexit would seem like prudent risk management for all businesses and organisations. To the extent that a large structural change does result, it’s likely that opportunities will also abound for forward thinking entities. This workshop looks past the headlines and runs stress-tests on some of the common assumptions versus actual facts and suggests several ways that we can uncover and position for opportunities over the near and long term horizons.

Pricing: the marketer's dilemma
Whether you're launching a new product or service or analysing the revenue of existing assets, figuring out the right pricing is tough and can be counter intuitive. A strong pricing strategy can make or break a company's profitability. Generally speaking, we take an experimental approach that is very data-driven. This workshop will be useful to all levels of experience.


We run 12 week programmes including:
A) Digital Transformation
B) Proofs of Concept – digital product design and build
C) Portfolio Performance Improvement

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